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No Need For Full Time Care?

Wellness Checks might be the key!

We created our Wellness Checks to meet the needs of those who don’t require full care with the goal of providing peace of mind to their family and friends.  Especially important when loved ones do not live near-by, wellness checks from one of our caregivers can be the bridge families need.

a friendly face stopping in to say hello

What is a wellness check?

Wellness checks provide peace of mind to family and friends for loved ones not requiring full care.  They include ten (10) two-hour visits, once a week at a special rate.

These visits include:

  • Health Assessment: Body, Mind and Spirit
    • Symptoms Check: Fever, cough, shortness of breath
    • Well-Being: Creative remedies to prevent signs of loneliness and depression
  • Inventory of essential household items
  • Restocking of groceries and necessities
  • Basic household chores and sanitizing of surfaces
  • Dedicated caregiving team
  • Safety and Wellness reports to family after each visit

Creative Remedies

With a little help will work with family members to determine fun ways to help a senior thrive in their home; encouraging them to go for a walk, work on a puzzle or setting up an on-line chat with the grandkids!  We enjoy getting to know our clients, their personal background, hobbies & interests to determine the best way to keep them active and healthy!

Grandfather saying hello to family via computer
learning how to facetime

Our Goal

Our team is here to help people stay independent in their homes!

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