A Message from Our Executive Director, Kristen A. Burton

Kristen A. Burton, Executive Director, With a Little Help

A Message from Our Executive Director, Kristen A. Burton

Without a doubt, 2020 has challenged each and every one of us.

It’s been six months since the start of the pandemic. Six months of making adjustments in our personal and professional lives. Six months of quarantine, social distancing, home-schooling, and mask-wearing.

We are living in a time where all discussion topics focus on the current world climate; COVID 19 and this time of uncertainty. Without fail, someone will reference “the new normal”.

At WALH (With A Little Help), we have begun to change the conversation.  The question was posed “do we want to return to ‘normal’ or create something different?”  Our Team decided to not only create something different but to create something better!

Here is what we are doing:

  • Embracing technology by going virtual; intakes, orientation, interviews, family meetings, and company calls.
  • Embracing the extra protocols surrounding COVID, knowing the additional precautions helps to ensure the safety for all involved and is a best practice moving forward.
  • Embracing working from home, and all it encompasses; including kids, dogs, and spouses in the background.

Through this, new relationships, ways of doing business, and ideas have immerged (hence, WALH’s first newsletter!).

Personally, I have realized I am grateful.
I am grateful WALH has remained in business and our caregivers are recognized as essential workers.
I am grateful WALH has not had to go through layoffs like so many other companies. Our team (both in the field and in the office) is allowed to continue caring for you and your loved ones.
I am grateful for my coworkers, how they adjusted to the pandemic; not as a setback but as a challenge of how to continue to provide service in new ways; more effectively and more efficiently with safety being a top priority. Also, their selflessness, positive attitudes, and humor.
I am grateful and proud to work for this company. To witness our caregivers, those on the front lines, putting themselves at risk each and every day to continue to support a vulnerable population during this unprecedented time.

No matter what is happening in the world, many things have not (and will not) change.
WALH’s commitment to our caregivers and clients remains a strong part of our mission.
WALH caregivers continue to be the best in the industry – devoted, knowledgeable, and empathetic.
Human connection is needed; if not face to face, via phone, text, e-mail, or Zoom meeting.
Saying “thank you” and showing appreciation to those around you is still important.

We will continue moving forward and looking for ways to improve and grow.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your family and community. Most of all, thank you for trusting us.

Feedback is always welcome.  Please feel free to contact us via phone at 206.352.7399, via email at care@withalittlehelp.com or through our Contact page should you have any comments or questions.

Kristen A. Burton
Executive Director

Kristen Burton

With a Little Help

With A Little Help is a local in-home care company serving the Northwest for 21 years. We provide high-quality 1-on-1 home care to those who need it most. We don't just make a meal for our clients; we sit down and share a meal with them. Companionship is the reason for everything we do, and our mission is that all client/caregiver relationships are authentic and meaningful.