The Impact of Two Simple Words

Thank you from With a Little Help

The Impact of Two Simple Words

Thank you from With a Little HelpRecently while chatting with a client, she thanked me for the care that With a Little Help is providing to her father. During a challenging time, when the focus should have been on herself and her family, she took the time to compliment our team and say “Thank you.”

She wasn’t aware of the multiple “fires” happening at the moment, unaware that team members were feeling deflated, unaware of the daily grind. When I relayed the message to the team, they instantly perked up, so happy that she was happy and humbled by her thoughtfulness. It was a reminder of our mission, and it was motivating. All because of a simple “Thank you!”

The business end of this industry is hard. There have been times that we have struggled to find our footing, adjusted and reinvented ourselves. Still, today we are trying to adapt to the ever-changing world of COVID, meet the challenges of a caregiver shortage, and grow, all while providing a service our clients can depend on.

When I think back to that phone call, there is no greater feeling than knowing our team is successfully caring for a loved one; that is our ultimate goal. But it still surprises me how often I hear those words on the other end of the line. We should be the ones thanking our clients – and the best way to show gratitude is simply by saying it.

Thank you to our amazing clients!

We are grateful that you have allowed us to work through mistakes, staffing issues, system updates and an ongoing pandemic. You have allowed us the space to improve communication and remain flexible while showing patience and understanding. This has allowed us to be successful. It hasn’t always been smooth and we will continue to experience growing pains. But know without hesitation that we are trying our best and we genuinely care.

There are so many people who deserve to be thanked; industry partners, referral partners, past clients, community members and past team members. Although I would prefer to thank each of you individually (and in person) for now, this is my resource.

Thank you for supporting us throughout these past 20 years. Thank you for welcoming us into your homes. Thank you for trusting us!

Knowing how grateful my team was to simply hear “thank you” inspired me to write this message. My hope is that it does the same for someone else – it encourages you to reach out to that person who deserves to know that they are appreciated.  Two words can make a meaningful impact!

THANK YOU!  With a Little Help is honored to be part of your lives.

Kristen A. Burton, Executive Director, With a Little HelpSincerely,
Kristen A. Burton
Executive Director, With a Little Help

With a Little Help

With A Little Help is a local in-home care company serving the Northwest for 21 years. We provide high-quality 1-on-1 home care to those who need it most. We don't just make a meal for our clients; we sit down and share a meal with them. Companionship is the reason for everything we do, and our mission is that all client/caregiver relationships are authentic and meaningful.